Previous Years’ CTET Question Papers

As the competitive exams approach, the primary concern of every aspirant is to prepare for the exam in any way possible. CTET previous year paper gives a great opportunity to attempter to know about the several topics that are covered in the examination. Understanding the exam pattern is a major step towards clearing the examination. With the help of the previous year papers, you will get to understand the CTET exam pattern that increases your chances of cracking the exam.

  • The exam has two papers – Paper 1 and Paper 2 to become primary and elementary teachers respectively. 
  • CTET Exam Syllabus consists of topics from Child Development and Pedagogy, Language 1 and 2, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

The motive of offering previous paper is to help the candidate in solving the examination even before appearing. It acts as a practice session for them as they will be solving the actual CTET question paper. You can begin by solving the paper by taking as much time as you want but try to gradually decrease the time consumed for solving it. Set your goal of solving the paper in the given time limit. Match your answers with the given answers to know your correct score.

Competitive Examination

Upon solving the previous year papers, you will have several benefits. The primary benefit is that you will get to know the CTET exam pattern. Moreover, you will understand the difficulty level of the examination with which you can prepare yourself accordingly. Comprehending the distribution of the questions as per the topic as well as their section is another key perk of solving previous year examinations papers. Clearing the competitive examination is surely a daunting task but the results are worth all the efforts. Solve the exam papers will ensure that you have the right preparation to clear the examination.

CTET Exams
Exam YearCTET Question Paper – 1 CTET Question Paper – 2
July 2019 CTET 2019 July Question Paper 1CTET 2019 July Question Paper 2
Dec 2018CTET 2018 Dec Question Paper 1CTET 2018 Dec Question Paper 2
Sep 2016CTET 2016 Sept Question Paper 1CTET 2016 Sept Question Paper 2
May 2016CTET 2016 May Question Paper 1CTET 2016 May Question Paper 2
Feb 2016CTET 2016 Feb Question Paper 1CTET 2016 Feb Question Paper 2
Sep 2015CTET 2015 Sept Question Paper 1CTET 2015 Sept Question Paper 2
Feb 2015CTET 2015 Feb Question Paper 1CTET 2015 Feb Question Paper 2
Sep 2014CTET 2014 Sept Question Paper 1CTET 2014 Sept Question Paper 2
Feb 2014CTET 2014 Feb Question Paper 1CTET 2014 Feb Question Paper 2
July 2013CTET 2013 July Question Paper 1CTET 2013 July Question Paper 2
Nov 2012CTET 2012 Nov Question Paper 1CTET 2012 Nov Question Paper 2
May 2012CTET 2012 May Question Paper 1CTET 2012 May Question Paper 2
Jan 2012CTET 2012 Jan Question Paper 1CTET 2012 Jan Question Paper 2
Jun 2011CTET 2011 June Question Paper 1CTET 2011 June Question Paper 2